my prayer for this week:
radical honesty supported by radical actions that bring about radical change.

lord please guide my thoughts toward a more positive place. I pray for a safe space in my mind where my thoughts remain positive, enriched, creative, balanced, focused, and grateful. I pray those thoughts guide me toward my truth, where I may fully realize what I want negate of fear. and lord may those truth thoughts turn into radical honesty, honesty so pure it is without any trace of doubt. I pray for sureness, absolute truth and absolute surrender to that truth. In doing so, I pray for the ability to articulate those truths out loud. May I possess the confidence, the eloquence, and the vulnerability to speak those truths exactly as they are so they are wholly understood. I pray I feel secure in doing so. And lord I pray that these radical truths I speak are supported by radical actions. That not only will I speak my truth, but that I may act on it as well. May I take the actions I have previously been too afraid to take, may I be brave in completing the actions that support my truth. And I pray that by doing so I am bringing about a positive, radical change that will manifest my life's honesty, and all that I am to receive in this new chapter. this is my prayer to you, in your name. amen.


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