my prayer for this week:
continual forward movement that welcomes security and clarity

lord I pray that you release the restlessness from my mind and my heart, that you fill it with a calmness, an acceptance, and a fulfillment.  I pray for security. Security in my thoughts, my beliefs, my actions, my words, my relationships and my energies. I ask for clarity. Anything that is unclear in my life, any situation, any decision, any love, any relationship, any work, anything that is not clear I pray for absolute clarity. I ask for understanding, I pray for an understanding energy this week. An energy that attracts truth, security, and clarity. And progress. Lord please soothe my heart and calm my energy. Lord allow this week to birth witness to actions that solidify new beginnings, secure beginnings, and clear beginnings that will progress me and those around me positively forward. this is my prayer to you, in your name. amen.


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