for the first time in two years I don't think about you touching me.

see, there's this man I met. and I just, I'm kind of going crazy. Not like how I did with you. No, you had me going a different kind of crazy. The kind of crazy where life just doesn't seem to make sense. The crazy that comes from knowing so adamantly what you want only to be distracted by something so utterly and completely opposite. But him?

He's an animal. Primal and hungry. He's patient and precise, with just the right amount of rage and a passion that rivals my own. He's got the fire I was always searching for. And suddenly, just like that, I don't miss you anymore. Maybe it's because he's here, or maybe it's because he's shown me something different. Either way, I just wanted to say I understand now why we could have never really been happy together. I would have always been looking for his fire.

You know, come to think of it ...

He is exactly what I was trying so desperately to build inside you.
All's well that ends well, I guess.

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